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Custom tenders, burners, & live steam locomotive accessories in 1-1/2", 2-1/2" and 3-3/4” scale.

Steam Locomotive Accessories

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LocoParts manufactures custom tenders/kits, gas burners and parts as well as live steam locomotive accessories in       1-1/2", 2-1/2" and 3-3/4” scale.  All items are manufactured using the finest bar stock materials,  castings from red brass (hand pump) and stainless steel, silicon, bronze, lost wax castings, fasteners.  All items are provided as RFI (ready for installation) or as kits if noted.

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Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

The new Flanged brass-cased pressure and vacuum gauges. Gauge size is 1-1/2", case is 1-13/16" dia x 1-1/16 thick and is CNC machined. Available in 0-200 psi and 0-30hg.

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Mechanical Lubricator

The LocoParts mechanical lubricator is a work of art, and works accordingly!  The body is powder-coated steel tube.  Using clutch bearings, it is dual feed for reliability.   Dual outlet connections are 1/8” tube compression fittings. This lubricator is made for mounting under the running board as the top is made to slide rather than open vertically., but if it is desired to locate it elsewhere, you may remove the mounting bracket and fasten it as needed to accommodate your preferred mounting.   We generally machine out an opening in the running board approximately 1-1/4” square and mount the lubricator under there.  In use, to fill you slide the top back, fill, and then return the top to its closed position.   Available in 2 sizes:  1-1/2” square x  2-3/8 “ high, and 2” square x   “ high.  Prices:  

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Displacement Lubricators

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Tender Kits

Tenders suitable for 10-Wheeler, American, 0-6-0 switcher or 2-6-0 MOGUL, and many other engines.

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Gauge Glass Assembly

The assembly comes complete with valves and  unions on both ends.  The assembly measures 5-1/2” between union ends.  The bottom end requires a 1/8" pipe threaded hole in the backhead.  See note.  Thereafter, when removing for service loosen the two unions and the whole assembly comes off.  Glass size is ”.  NOTE:  Backhead fitting ” IPS avail special order.

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Gauge Glass assembly – Short model for smaller boilered  engines.

This is the same gauge glass assembly we offer for 1-1/2” scale except the glass is 1-1/2” long instead of 2-7/8” long.  The center-to-center distance between inlet and outlet is approximately 4”.  Note: the blowdown valve is not shown as it was not available when the photo was taken.  It is included in the assembly when shipped.

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The Gauge Glass is available as either the glass alone or as a complete assembly.  The glass alone features male 5/16" MTP threads and pyrex glass.  Glass assembly is available in glass lengths of 2-7/8" or 1-1/2".  Please specify desired length.

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Tender Hand Pump

The Tender Hand Pump is made from castings of red brass, and trimmed with brass bar stock fittings and stainless steel fasteners.  Outlet fittings are threaded 1/4" pipe.  Piston diameter is 1".  Approximate dimensions are 8" l x 3"w x 6" h.

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Tender Water Valve

The Tender Water Valve is one of the most unique items we offer.  It comes complete with handwheel, and as with all our products, it is ready to install.  To install, drill a 7/8" diameter hole in the tender bottom in the front end of the water leg (or wherever you may choose to place the valve) and match drill and tap 6 clearance holes for 8-32 screws (not included).  The valve is then inserted from the bottom.  No more having to remove the top to remove and/or service the valve.  When ordering, you must specify the outside distance between  the bottom and the top as these valves are custom made upon order to suit your requirements. NOTE:  Valves for LocoParts tenders are stock items.

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4-Chime whistles 

4-Chime Whistles are 1-1/2" diameter x  approximately 12" long or 6" long, constructed of a brass tube over a cast brass core.  End connection is 5/16" silver solder union.

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Whistle Mounting Rings
for 1-1/2” whistles

These rings are CNC machined from aluminum plate and are made to fit the Locoparts  whistle with a 1-1/2” brass tube.

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Grates are fabricated from 304 stainless steel bar and TIG welded.  Grates are either 2 piece or 3 piece.  Note:  these grates will last a long time if properly cared for, i.e., if the ash pan is dumped on a regular basis and ashes not allowed to accumulate until they touch the grates.  If this condition is allowed to occur, all grates, regardless of material, will rapidly burn out.  For this reason, there is no warranty on grates after they have been used.

Contact us with your specific requirements.

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Steamchest/Lubricator Check Valves

These fit in the top of your steamchest and provide a final check valve to prevent the entrance of steam into the lubricator.  Thread:  1/8” IPS  Tube Conn:  1/8” tube

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Gas burners

All assemblies are similar in construction.  Manifolds are TIG welded with specially formed bosses formed out of to native material and threaded to prevent leak points.  Burner manifolds are available in steel or Stainless Steel. The individual nozzles are rated at approximately 5400btu each.  All gas burners are custom made to suit the application.  Contact us for prices and delivery.  The individual gas nozzles  are available for $18.00 ( minimum sold is 4) each plus shipping, and are generally in stock.

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Hook-up Package for gas burner manifolds (not shown)

This package includes all you need to hook up and install your new gas burner manifold:  Dual gauge regulator, all fittings, regulation flammable gas valve, copper tube and hose. 

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Unions are available as either model taper threaded or MTP threaded silver-solder ends, in tube sizes 3/16”, 1/4", 5/16”.

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Special Adapter Union

1/8" IPS (male) x 5/16" tube (female) SS
5/16" MPT x 1/4" tube (female) SS
1/4" MPT x 3/16" SS
1/4" MPT x 3/16" MPT

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MTP unions

Handrail Stanchions

These handrail stanchions are machined from brass bar, are approximately 3/8" dia. 1-3/16” long with a 3/16” diameter hole in the ball for the handrail, and are tapped at the bottom 8-32.

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Steam Ejector

A steam ejector is used to convert steam pressure from the manifold to vacuum for use with vacuum brakes for your tender and/or train.  The ejector is machined from brass bar, is approximately 1-1/4” long, has -28 (or -40 MTP) male threads on the steam inlet and a vacuum tube connection 3-1/6” diameter.

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Steam Oil

600 W Steam Oil

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Clecos are temporary sheet metal fasteners generally used when riveting 2 or more pieces of sheet metal together.  For use in building tenders, rolling stock, cabs, or any part of a model steam locomotive requiring the riveting of parts, these are invaluable.  They are reuseable as long as you don’t destroy them by abusing them.  We offer then in 2 different sized packages, both packages come with a set of Cleco pliers( nothing else will work with these).

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CLECO Clamps
These are just about the neatest clamps you will find.  We use them here at LOCOPARTS to hold the half-round trim on tenders while it is being soldered in place.  They come in 2 different sizes, ” long and 1” long.   

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Terms and Conditions

All items are shipped via USPS or FedEx (our choice).  Please add the following for packaging/shipping/insurance:  for all items EXCEPT grates and hand pump, add  $10 east of the Mississippi, and $12 west of the Mississippi. 

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction of our products or items can be returned postpaid in the same condition received (new and unused in any form) for refund or exchange.  All items are  manufactured using the finest materials and are warranted against any material and manufacturing flaws for a period of 30 days after receipt.  Any and all warranties, written and implied, are voided if items have been disassembled, abused and/or modified in any way.

 We do not sell kits or drawings for any of our products other than the hand pump.  All other items are sold as RFI…ready for installation.

 Payment:  We accept checks and money orders for payment in full, including shipping charges.  All prices are FOB South Mills, NC., USA

 Prices:  Since most of our items are labor intensive, and I provide that labor, the prices are fairly stable.  I am making a transition to lost wax and sand castings for several items and of course have no control over the cost to me of these and other raw materials, so prices may occasionally change without notice.

 With the exception of  tenders and gas burner assemblies, I attempt to have all items in stock at all times.  Sometimes I may be out of what you want.  If this is the case you will be notified of the expected shipping date, and at your option, I will ship when available or send your money back.  In most cases, I ship no later than the next day after receipt of your order.


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